James R. Morris SFC RET The 3 Gun Multi Gun Report
3 Gun ROCKS!

I'm James R. Morris SFC RET, author of The 3 Gun, Multi-gun report.

The First and only book about 3 Gun!

 The 3 Gun, Multi-gun report

Have you ever wanted to participate in the sport  of 3-Gun or Multigun but aren't quite sure where to start? Are you an experienced 3-Gun shooter who
wants insight into the best equipment and gear, and how to set it up? Are you interested in putting on your own 3-Gun competition?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this book is for you. The only book on the sport of 3-Gun, this report.
. Gives you the detailed information needed to get into the sport in an informed manor.
. Will save you money through the supplied information on equipment
selection criteria-don't suffer the pitfalls of buying the wrong equipment
many times over!
. Will address all the questions you might have before attending your
first match, from what equipment is needed to how a match is run.
Walks shooters-both new and experienced-through the ins and outs of
a 3-Gun match.
. Will teach you how to run your own 3-Gun match.

Whether you're new to the sport or a veteran, this 3-Gun report will leave
you wanting to go out and get shooting!

Photography By; Yvonne Morris