James R. Morris SFC RET The 3 Gun Multi Gun Report
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Ginger Snead Crawford I read this book!! The autographed edition no less. I started and couldn't put it down (true story). I hid it in a folder, read it at work and was caught by my boss. He even asked if it was my gun porn.
I loved the book and beyond 3 Gun, I found it to contain EXCELLENT training information!! I I mark all books, with "good points" that I want to read again and study up on, with post it notes. I ended up with 70+ in this book! I'll post my review in amazon tomorrow. :) If you offered training, I'd sign up! I know Anita read your book as well and it helped launch her into competitive shooting.

The 3 Gun Multi Gun Report I do like the gun porn story :0)January 7 at 7:21am · Like · 1

Ginger Snead Crawford Kinda makes you the Hugh Hefner of 3 Gun! Hehe :)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great all around guide!, March 17, 2013
I first got interested in the sport of 3 gunning when I started watching 3 Gun nation on tv. I started researching and was dissapointed by the lack of literature I found on this topic. I was immediately excited when I found this book. It is a great beginners guide with practical how to information and the best part it is easy to read. Its written like he is actually talking to you which makes everything soooo... much easier to understand. He writes chapters ranging from the rules to 3 gun, 3 gun equipment, 3 gun training, and even hosting your own 3 gun event. So as you can see the book ranges a variety of topics some of which I have not covered. Needless to say everything one needs to know is in this book.
Bottom Line: Buy the book! It will save you money in the long run with his down to earth practical advice.