James R. Morris SFC RET The 3 Gun Multi Gun Report
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The 3 Gun Multi-Gun Report




The 3 Gun, Multi-gun report
by James R. Morris SFC RET


This Report focuses on the New 3 Gunner. The person that needs more information. Before jumping into the sport of 3 Gun. The information in this report will give you the detailed information needed to get into the sport in an informed manor. The equipment selection criteria given in this report will save you the cost of this report many fold, you will not have to suffer the pitfalls of buying the wrong equipment many times over. Many people want to participate in 3 Gun/ Multi Gun Competition but before they attend a Match they have questions, they are that person that says I want to stop by a match and give it a look before I attend a 3 Gun match as a shooter. This report answers all of those questions. For those who want to have their own 3 Gun/ Multi Gun Competition, this Report lays out step by step details on how to Start and run your own Match. This report covers everything a New 3 Gun Competitor needs to know to get in the game. Answering the Why and how of Selecting Equipment and preparing it/ setting it up. For 3 Gun/ Multi Gun Competition.