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Red October Kalashnikov Championship

Red October Kalashnikov Championship

6 and 7 Oct Saint George Utah

As many of us we saw Video and YouTube posts of this Red October Kalashnikov Championship

YUP it looked like a lot of fun. Some competitive shooters some non-Competitive shooters, some folks that just like to Dress-up. In any case the Worlds and sub-cultures came together yet again to have Fun and celebrate the Kalashnikov platform in Sport!  For me it is a two day driving journey, each way, so my Wife and I made an adventure with it. We were able to get a few days off from work and do some sightseeing on the way and back! Up to this point I had not driven the Great South-West of the USA, so with the Match and adventure on the horizon. I look forward to the match, I have a Century Arms AK pretty much out of the Box I sighed up to shoot Heavy AK 7.62x39, Iron Sights class. I did get the bright red fingernail polish for the front sight and bright Green for the rear sigh, with a Krebs safety, on my AK, I know what a gamer!!

Starting our trip from Central Texas we made an adventure of it, two days drive each way! Through West Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, Very interesting to say the least, We stopped and saw, the Grave of Billy the Kid, in Ft Sumner, I stood on the Corner in Winslow Arizona, Meteor Crater Natural Landmark,   and planned to stop at the Grand Canyon, And Grand is an Understatement, Spectacular! Is still an Understatement.   The Sights were worth the Trip! And I still had a Match to look forward to!

Leaving the Grand Canyon, it should have been a 5 hour drive to Saint George UT.   Funny how the West IS, and works. The Road, THE ROAD, yes the Only Road! on the East side of the Grand Canyon got washed out. So to bypass that road THE only road we would have to go around east 8 hours, of Go west around the Grand Canyon through Las Vegas 6 hours! YUP Go West Old man! Off we went, We didn’t stop in Las Vegas just for Gas and food at a truck stop! And still the Views of the High Desert, were Beautiful and Brutal at the same time.

Saint George Utah! Got to the Hotel and checked in then off to the Range to find it and maybe get to see some stages. They have a big shooing area at the Southern Utah shooting club, separated areas, a Cowboy action area, and Bench rest area and then the Shooting bays for the Club that hosts the Red October match. A great Facility.  I got to look at a few stages and figure out the lay of the land. Then I was able to meet up with some 3 Gun shooting Buddies Eric Miller 3 Gunner and past Match Director of the SOF 3 Gun and Adam Samuel 3 Gunner and Owner operator of Machine Gun tours.  A great thing about 3 Gun and the shooting sports is you will make friends and see them at other matches from time to time, once you get in the culture you will never have to worry about no knowing someone showing up to a match. The Camaraderie is second to none.

So this match has 10 stages and two days to do it! The Club made a bold decision to go with Open Squading. That is no groups, or Squad, you have a card with your name on it you get to the stage and put that card on a clothes line and as people shoot, your card moves down the line, until it is your turn! The RO’s worked hard and long but all in all they worked a Miracle and the match went smoothly.  One thing that made this match different is not just ONE gun but many of the competitors were just folks that like to shoot, not the Competitive crowd. Many folks dressed up in Russian or Communist block outfits, Some very well done,, one man dressed in a Chinese Army uniform another was in a Full Russian uniform with gas mask! A few Had the Adidas Jogging outfit of the 80's with Sun Glasses! Hilarious! Kind of a Communist Comicon.


Many of the stages were quick and Dirty, and that is not a Bad thing, as I have been to matches that have made some stages to long and just a drudge to re-set, so even if everyone on the squad helps, it is a big job that can take away from the fun of the stage. But that is a subject for another time.


I’ll just tell you about a few stages that stick out in my mind,

One was a shoot house stage.  They had 5 Targets on the right 5 TGT’s on the left, offset having to shoot through windows, a swinging target at the end of an open doorway, and two other targets on the left and right. They have 3 barrels and you had to put one 10 round magazine on each barrel,, the ill fun thing was, I think they were simulating working in the Gulag, you had to pump a hydraulic jack/ Press and crush a 7.62x39 rifle case down to the height of a 9mm case,, at the Start buzzer you had to pump that jack,, you were now on the timer!!  It took about 10 to 15 pumps of the jack.  Then grab one magazine staged on a barrel and pull the rope that activated the swinger target, from watching other shooters, I’d say %30 forgot to pull the rope and had to back track to pull the rope, half way of better in to the stage.  Some competitors chose to shoot a few targets on the left and the right, then reload and finish up the rest of the targets, this can be confusing,, and seeing I needed all 10 rounds in the first two magazines just to shoot all the targets I shot all the targets on the left,, reloaded then all the targets on the Right, reloaded and shot the 3 on the end, my then the swinger was not moving very fast so it was an easy 6 round finish! A fun little stage!


Stage one was one of the longer Distance stages,  they had a plate rack at 50 ish yards with 6 plates, and two A zone size targets one at 100 the other around 180. They. Have a Mortar, that had a Pyrotechnic Report after you dropper the simulated round down the tube! A big pipe you had to crawl through and Barricades. You shot from three different spots. At the buzzer the Mortar drop and a very nice Big BOOM! Through the pipe, get the rifle off the barrel rack a round in the chamber. And tow on the plate rack, one at 100 and the 180 tgt was giving me some trouble, being OLD and shooting iron sights is Fuzzy! But after 6 or 7 shots I got the hit and from the second and third  position the plate rake and the 100 and 180 got hits with just a few extra shots. Fun fun and FUN!



Yes I add these stories in hopes to motivate even that one person that just has not got off the couch and shot a match you are missing out on the fun. So DO it!


All Photography by Yvonne Morris