James R. Morris SFC RET The 3 Gun Multi Gun Report
3 Gun ROCKS!
The Author

James R. Morris SFC U.S. ARMY RET, author of The 3 Gun, Multi-gun report


3 Gun / Multi Gun, is obviously my favorite shooting sport.

I always wanted to shoot the SOF 3 Gun Match I didn't have the time, money to attend them or I was deployed with the Army. I could not find a 3 Gun match that I could attend. So I started a 3 Gun match. And have been happily shooting 3 Gun ever since.

-I have been a competitive shooter for 27+ years shooting IPSC, DCM Rifle, IDPA, USPSA and numerous 3 Gun matches from the local club level to the National level.

-I started the 3 Gun Program at the Copperas Cove Pistol Club Kempner, Texas.

This monthly match was the only monthly 3 Gun match in Texas for many years. I am very happy that these efforts of mine and by many others in the club have helped grow the sport of 3 Gun as we know it today. And many of the people that started shooting with the club years ago have become skilled highly ranked 3 Gunners. And that the club has helped the sport grow as many of these people went on to develop their own 3 Gun matches and range facilities to hold 3 Gun matches.

-I have worked in the capacity of. Range Officer, Stage Designer, Match Director, Club Secretary, Prop and target Fabricator.

20+ Year Army Veteran as a Fire Support Specialist, retired after serving as a Brigade Fire support Sergeant. 1st Cavalry Division.

Airborne and Air Assault, One of the First, Combat Observation and Lasing Team (COLT) spotting/reconnaissance team leaders.

Forward Observer, Fires coordinator for all means of indirect fires, Artillery, Rockets, Mortars and Close Air Support. Served in many locations in several capacities, Germany, Korea, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kuwait, and Iraq.

I currently work For the U.S. Army at the Ft Hood Texas, Mission Command Training Center.